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Claim your elevated status match with Wyndham Rewards to unlock perks at thousands of participating hotels and resorts. 

As a Lifestyle Bronze or Silver member you can claim Wyndham Rewards Platinum Level and unlock perks like early check-in and late check-out at participating Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, dedicated Wyndham Rewards Member Services, Wyndham Rewards Point Accelerators and more.

To redeem this benefit:

  1. Click Redeem Benefit to be directed to the Wyndham Rewards website
  2. Login to your Wyndham Rewards account
  3. Enter your 11 digit Club Wyndham Owner Number and select ‘Claim’
  4. Congratulations! You’ve redeemed your elevated status. You’ve earned this!®
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Product Name Elevated Wyndham Rewards® Status Match

Wyndham Rewards Status Match Program Terms & Conditions:

Pursuant to these terms and conditions (the “Status Match Terms”), effective, May 27, 2021, each owner of the Lifestyle by Wyndham program (the “Program”) who has achieved status in the Program pursuant to its terms and conditions is eligible to apply to match his/her Program status to the equivalent Member Level of the Wyndham Rewards Program, as set forth in the chart below:

Program Status

Equivalent Wyndham Rewards Member Level (the “Equivalent Member Level”)









100 Club



(the successful completion of such process hereinafter referred to as the “Status Match”).

To request the Equivalent Member Level, an eligible Program owner (an “Applicant”) must: (i) visit your Lifestyle by Wyndham website and log into your account, then navigate to the Elevated Wyndham Rewards Status landing page. Sign into their existing Wyndham Rewards account, or complete and submit the “Join Wyndham Rewards” form to become a Wyndham Rewards Member; and (ii) complete and submit the Status Match Request Form, including proof of their Program status.  Upon Wyndham Rewards’ verification of an Applicant’s Program status information, such Applicant will receive the applicable Equivalent Member Level.  Member should expect to receive such validation via email within 24-48 hours from submission of his/her Status Match Request Form. Such Equivalent Member Level will become effective upon such verification. Unless extended or superseded in accordance with the Wyndham Rewards Program terms and conditions (the “WR Terms”), each Wyndham Rewards Platinum or Diamond Member Level obtained pursuant to these Status Match Terms will expire in accordance with the WR Terms. For clarity, this Status Match does not entitle a Wyndham Rewards Member to use their status in the Wyndham Rewards program to obtain a higher status in the Program.

Members who obtain the Wyndham Rewards PLATINUM Member Level or Wyndham Rewards DIAMOND Member Level as a result of the Status Match will receive all of the perks offered to PLATINUM and DIAMOND Members, respectively, who earn such status as the result of completing the requisite number of qualifying nights at participating properties.

Should Wyndham Rewards be unable to verify a Member’s Program status, as determined in its sole discretion, the Program member will not receive the Equivalent Member Level.

For clarity, Program owners must be or become Wyndham Rewards Members to apply for the Status Match.  Any Applicant who has already obtained the Wyndham Rewards Member Level this offer otherwise would have afforded them will retain such preexisting Wyndham Rewards Member Level in accordance with the WR Terms, and the Status Match will be deemed ineffective.

Any Program member who completes a Status Match in accordance with these Status Match Terms, and subsequently upgrades to the subsequent status in the Program, will be eligible, at the time of such upgrade, to apply for a Status Match to the subsequent Wyndham Rewards Member Level in accordance with these Status Match Terms.

Status Match eligibility is not transferable and may not be substituted for or combined with any other offer. A Wyndham Rewards Program Member Level earned pursuant to this Status Match cannot be transferred, purchased or sold. A Member’s Program status and the benefits applicable to each such status are subject to the Program’s terms and conditions.  A Member’s Wyndham Rewards Member Level status and the benefits applicable to each Member Level are subject to the full WR Terms.  This offer may be cancelled or modified at any time, without notice, and is void where prohibited.

Wyndham Rewards Level will be matched for the current year + 1 calendar year. i.e. If a member was to match in June 2021, Lifestyle member will have the Wyndham Rewards Level for the rest of 2021 and through to 31st December 2022. Once the Wyndham Rewards Level expires, the Lifestyle Bronze or Silver and above member can claim again and rematch for the current year + 1 calendar year.

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