Program Guidelines

The Lifestyle by Wyndham program (‘Lifestyle program’ or ‘program’) is managed by Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific Pty Ltd ACN 090 083 613 (‘Wyndham’).

Lifestyle is an exclusive offers and benefits program through which all Club Wyndham South Pacific owners, Discovery by Wyndham members and employees of Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific and its subsidiaries have the opportunity to access and enjoy Lifestyle’s wide range of special offers. Browse exclusive deals from more than 4,500 leading partners to start saving money and enjoying more experiences today - enhance your next holiday by booking a unique experience and saving on travel essentials, or use the platform to get a great deal on your everyday needs through a digital store card. The possibilities are endless with Lifestyle!

Lifestyle by Wyndham is offered by Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific (‘Wyndham’) to provide benefits that are complimentary to Club Wyndham South Pacific ownership. It is not provided by the Club or part of your Club ownership but is a separate membership program. The benefits and offers available are subject to change from time to time – which means offers can be added, modified or removed at any time to ensure the program remains relevant to its members.

Unlike ‘loyalty programs’, points do not have to be earned through spending to access benefits or offers. Discounts are available at any time to members and benefits are available to members of one of the program’s five tiers – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and 100 Club – who pay either a monthly, quarterly or annual membership fees.
The Lifestyle by Wyndham program benefits are provided at the complete discretion of Wyndham, which may revoke, modify or add benefits to the program at any time at its discretion without prior notice. These changes may include but are not limited to, the amendment of benefits, membership categories, fees or hours of operation.

There are different categories of membership and the benefits available to members will vary depending on their category of membership. By becoming a member, you agree to adhere to the program rule as outlined below and are responsible for reading these rules in order to understand your rights, responsibilities and benefits. Benefits are also subject to the separate terms and conditions of their individual providers and are subject to change from time to time.

Lifestyle by Wyndham benefits may or may not be offered directly by Wyndham. Where Wyndham is the provider/supplier, terms and conditions (or reference thereto) will be outlined below. For all other benefits or offers, you should refer to the provider/supplier’s individual terms and conditions before finalising your transaction.

Further information relating to the Lifestyle by Wyndham program may be obtained by contacting the Lifestyle by Wyndham team. Click here to see our latest Program Guide.

Contact Details:

Australia (toll free) 1800 603 686
New Zealand (toll free) 0800 442 484
Fiji (toll free) 008 002 580
International +61 5512 8069

Benefits of the program

There are different categories of membership and the benefits available to Lifestyle by Wyndham program members will vary depending on their category of membership.

1. The Lifestyle program provides its members with access to a range of benefits and discounts on products, services and experiences.
2. Wyndham has developed the Lifestyle program in conjunction with various business partners and, at its sole discretion, will make offers available to selected categories of members.
3. Failure to comply with these program rules may lead to suspension or removal from the program.
4. The provisions of all goods and services through the program are subject to approval by Wyndham, at its discretion. Wyndham may choose not to approve a purchase or provide a product or service to you or may cancel an order before the goods or services are delivered or supplied, if it reasonably consider this necessary in order to:
5. protect the integrity of its systems or the products; or prevent fraud; or limit the risk of money laundering or terrorism financing; or otherwise protect against legal, regulatory or non-payment risk; and if: you do not pass our verifications or checks; or
6. we reasonably suspect, or are aware, that you have breached these rules in a material way; or we otherwise reasonably consider the order to be suspicious.
7. Unlike ‘loyalty programs’ that require points to be earned before being redeemed, Lifestyle members are not required to earn any points in order to access or redeem any offers or retain membership. Lifestyle members simply log in to access benefits and discounts at any time.
8. Use of, or participation in the Lifestyle offers program is voluntary and members can opt-out of the program at any time.

Resort Benefits
1. All resort-based benefits are available only at selected Club Wyndham or resorts managed by Wyndham or a related entity.
2. Lifestyle members will be subject to the guidelines and rules of operation that may be applicable at each participating resort.
3. Reservations are subject to availability.
4. Reservation booking windows for participating resorts may vary by location.