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Lifestyle Bronze and above members can sit back and relax on your holiday with unlimited access to thousands of the world’s most popular digital newspapers and magazines, all accessible on your phone or tablet through the PressReader app, while staying at eligible Club Wyndham South Pacific resorts..

PressReader provides the largest all-you-can-read platform of newspapers and magazines where readers can discover relevant and trusted content from around the world. They inspire travelers, and traveler confidence, by delivering news and information sustainably and safely. Publications include the New York Post, Los Angeles Times, The Globe and Mail, The Guardian, Newsweek, The Independent, Le Figaro, Popular Science, L'Equipe, and Fast Company, to name just a few.

Using your phone, tablet, or computer, you can browse content online or download entire issues using the PressReader app.

To redeem this benefit:

  1. Connect to the in-house guest WiFi service upon check-in to eligible Club Wyndham South Pacific resorts.
  2. Download the PressReader app on any of your devices via Apple or Android
  3. Open the PressReader app and start browsing thousands of publications while you are connected to the in-house guest WiFi.
  4. Consult your friendly in-house reception team for any further assistance.
More Information
Product Name Digital Newspaper, Magazines & Books at Resort
  • Lifestyle Bronze and above members receive access to PressReader via connecting to HotSpot at Club Wyndham South Pacific resorts.
  • This allows the member to access 7000+ of the world’s most popular newspapers and magazines using the members’ own mobile phone or tablet.
  • This benefit is only available at selected resorts managed by the Developer or any of its subsidiaries.
Supplier PressReader
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